Privacy Policy

Purpose of Collection of Personal Information

The site is available without disclosing your personal information for identification. The site uses access log analysis system and Google Analytics (including a user attribute) for better site management, however, we will not pay attention to a specific ID. When you contact us with inquiry form, personal information such as name, e-mail address, etc. is collected with explicit explanation for the purpose of the usage.

Usage of Personal Information

The personal information obtained will not be used or disclosed beyond the purposes stated, unless the applicants approve of such provision, or it is deemed to be required by applicable laws and regulations. The personal information that is deemed no longer necessary will be promptly disposed of.

Protection of Personal Information

We will take physically or digitally appropriate measures in order to prevent leaks of or unauthorized access to personal information. We commit ourselves to the secure management and operation of the site.

Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

The site uses Google Analytics. How the data is collected and used by Google is specified in Google’s privacy policy.