The Academy program is be a civic education program using animation.


On April 16th and July 2nd, 2022, the festival will hold pre-events to show the appeal of the new festival. These events are intended to let participants want to be artists themselves.

HIME (Hiroshima/Media Arts/Education) presents Hiroshima Animation Club.

In collaboration with various educational institutions in Hiroshima City, HIME will conduct experiments in citizen education programs through animation and media arts.

Hiroshima Animation Salon

A salon-style online/offline event that will provide hints for future urban development and cultural creation through animation and cultural arts.


Pre-event (April)

Hiroshima Animation Season 2022 Presents:
A Day to Create, A Day to Think

Saturday, April 16, 2022, JMS Aster Plaza Middle Hall
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Pre-event (July)

July 2, 2022 (Sat) JMS Aster Plaza Middle Hall
Details to be announced later.

Hiroshima Animation Club

For Kindergartens
and Nursery Schools

Coming soon...
From May 2022 Pika Pika Classroom

For Elementary Schools,
Junior High Schools,
and Children’s Day Care Centers

Coming soon...
From July 2022 (tentative) Classroom to interact with Artists

For Junior High School Students

Coming soon...
June 2022 National Language
Education Meets Animation

For High School

Coming soon...
May-June 2022 Ars Electronica x Hiroshima Animation Season
International Exchange Program for High School Students

Other Programs with
the award-winning films

Coming soon...
From October 2022 Creation of Teaching Materials Using the Hiroshima Animation Season 2022 Award-Winning Films

Hiroshima Animation Salon

Making the Hiroshima City more interesting through animation and cultural arts. A series of lectures and exchanges with people who are active in the world’s forefront to make Hiroshima more interesting in the future.

Salon 1:
Making the City More Interesting through Culture.

To be announced later!

Salon 2:
How to Make or Enjoy Animation

To be announced later!