World Competition

World Competition:A Slice of Society(2)


8.19 Fri. 19:35~ @Great Hall
8.21 Sun. 19:40~ @Yokogawa Cinema
This program can be continued with "World Competition:A Slice of Society (1)"

Program Overview

This category is for animated documentary and the films with social issues.


Silver Bird and Rainbow Fish
Lei Lei
United States, Netherlands

In a world of propaganda images, surrealist collage and pop-art animation, artist-filmmaker Lei Lei and his family recall the past to make sense of the present. 1950's, Jiaqi is 4 years old when his father is compelled to go work in the countryside and his mother passes away. Shortly after the burial, Dad is forced to put Jiaqi and his sister in an orphanage where they turn into birds in a cage. While the country is in turmoil, a Rainbow fish transforms into a woman and decides to help the kids...

Lei Lei

Animator, artist, filmmaker
Born in 1985 in Nanchang, LEI Lei graduated from Tsinghua University in 2009 with a Master’s degree in Animation. Since then, he has worked as an independent filmmaker and experimental animation artist. His works include short animation films THIS IS LOVE (Best Narrative Short Award at Ottawa International Film Festival in 2010), RECYCLED (selected at Annecy Film Festival, Grand Prix of Shorts & Non-Narrative Films at Holland International Animation Film Festival), and many others, which have been selected in numerous international festivals and exhibited in museums.

In 2014 he served on the Jury of Zagreb / Holland International Animation Film Festival, and won the Asian Cultural Council Grant. He has also been selected to attend many artist residencies and fellowship programs, including the ACC Cai Fellowship in New York (2014), Artist Residency Program at Abbaye de Fonteyraud, France (2015), Locarno Summer Academy (2016) or Artist Residency at Macdowell Colony, U.S.A (2016).
Furthermore, he has had solo exhibitions of his work in Beijing and Austria, and has also been a part of group exhibitions all over the world, in the U.S., Singapore, Netherlands, Canada, and China. Since 2017 he is a full time Faculty Member on Experimental Animation of CalArts Film & Video School.
His previous film, mid-length documentary, BREATHLESS ANIMALS played in Berlinale Forum in 2019 and won Best mid-length documentary at Cinéma Vérité.

SILVER BIRD AND RAINBOW FISH is his first feature animation film, world premiered at Rotterdam International Film Festival, in Tiger Competition.